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Supabets expanding their In-Play offer with Betradar’s Live Betting Solutions and Live Channel

Betradar is proud to announce that Supabets, a leading sports betting company servicing the African market, has expanded its in-play betting offer to 15,000 live matches per month thanks to the integration of Betradar’s Live Betting Solutions.

Betradar’s Live Betting Solutions are fully automated and integrated in-running trading services to provide a broad variety of live betting sports and markets. The in-play portfolio offers a 24/7 coverage of 15,000+ live matches per month of 16 different sports with more than 100 betting markets. The expanded in-play betting offering is with immediate effect available within Supabets’ online and retail betting business.

In addition, Supabets has successfully integrated the Betradar Live Channel in 60 retail betting shops across Africa. The Live Channel combines live odds, live statistics and most importantly live pictures from sporting events around the globe on one single screen, featuring entertainment, betting stimulation and in-play betting action all day long.

Supabets’ CEO, Phillip Anastassopoulos, said: “With the integration of Betradar’s in-play products we guarantee an entertaining live betting solution customised to satisfy the needs of all sports enthusiasts. The partnership with Betradar has significant strategic value to Supabets’ vision statement, as well as future portfolio expansions, as demonstrated by the integration of the Live Channel into our retail business. We firmly believe that this valued partnership will lead to great mutual growth well into the future.”

Gregory Parsons, Betradar’s Director Sales for the African market comments: “In-Play Betting is now gaining a great deal of attention in the African markets and will no doubt become the key turnover driver for bookmakers. Based on this, we are very pleased to welcome Supabets as a new partner for Betradar’s Live Betting Solutions and for the Live Channel Retail. Betradar are convinced the live-betting expansion undertaken by Supabets will be the perfect catalyst to drive future growth”.

For more information about our Live Betting Solutions click here.

For details about Betradar’s Live Channel click here.

Sportradar and Onefootball join forces

Sportradar is pleased to announce the integration of its soccer data feeds into the Onefootball application for mobile devices. The cooperation with the world’s leading mobile football community, based in Berlin, started on June 1st 2014.

With coverage of over 100 countries, 240+ soccer leagues and 40 languages, Sportradar provides the broadest soccer coverage in the market. From now on, Sportradar’s Live ScoresLive Sports Centre and Statistics solutions will be integrated via XML feed into the Onefootball app. Onefootball relies on Sportradar’s data to fulfil its business’ target of increasing its worldwide soccer coverage for an expansion into the international mobile sports application market.

Sportradar’s responsible Sales Director, Andreas Meyer, commented: “We are proud that Onefootball has decided to integrate Sportradar’s soccer data into its application. With our broad variety of globally-covered tournaments and multi-language support, we are confident we will provide Onefootball with high quality data that helps Onefootball to further strengthen its position in the global market.”

Onefootball CEO Lucas von Cranach said: “With the integration of Sportradar’s soccer feeds – both pre-match and live – we are now able to provide our users with an even wider coverage of international soccer leagues. Accuracy, quick data delivery and the broad global coverage have made us choose Sportradar.”

Betradar launches revamped Live Trading interface

Betradar is pleased to announce the launch of its live trading interface BetPal for basketball. Having launched football and tennis previously, the service is now available for the three major betting sports. BetPal is a live trading tool that allows bookmakers to trade matches based on Betradar’s proprietary mathematical algorithms and combines user friendly interfaces for odds managed with all relevant trading information such as live monitoring of market prices and alerts for market deviations. The product is rounded up with Betradar’s live data service which provides the basis for live trading for up to 15,000 events each month.

BetPal is the perfect way of automating live trading operations while keeping control of in-running prices where necessary. The service allows complete flexibility and sportsbook operators can choose whether to fully rely on Betradar’s Live Odds or to take control themselves at any point in time during a match. In addition, operators can create and trade any additional match and market in an easy way.

Sportradar Managing Director Sales, Erik Lorenz, said: “The extension of the BetPal live trading interface for basketball is a further completion of our market leading live betting services. Our clients can choose all levels of automation from trading based purely on our live data, relying on our Live Odds service, trading matches via BetPal based on our live data and algorithms or completely outsource their trading by using our Managed Trading Services. This combination of services is unrivalled in the market and provides our clients a maximum degree of flexibility in their daily operations.

For more information about Betradar's BetPal solution click here

A new way of in-play betting - Betradar launches In-Play Minigames

Betradar is pleased to announce the launch of its new In-Play Minigames product. In-Play Minigames offer a variety of real-sports game concepts with fast paced betting cycles. With Asian sports lottery, Betradar’s first customer has already successfully launched Betradar’s latest gaming innovation.

Betradar betting solutions are currently supplying in-play data for more than 50,000 soccer and tennis matches annually with live odds for over 100 different bet types. With In-Play Minigames, Betradar makes use of the existing live sports data by combining this data with fast-paced casino game concepts. The result is an innovative series of four live sports betting games, which will be extended in the near future, providing punters a new, immersive and fun betting experience.

Betradar’s Managing Director of Sales, Erik Lorenz comments: “With In-Play Minigames, we are taking the next step in the gamification of live betting. Customers demand new entertainment products and services from betting operators and this is exactly what we provide with In-Play Minigames. With a new betting cycle starting every 3 minutes in average, we convert any live event to a thrilling gaming experience.”

In-Play Minigames are available as web widgets, ideally placed into the bookmaker’s website sidebar and as full screen web apps for mobile. The integration into any existing or new bookmaking infrastructure is facilitated with a seamless eWallet integration using Betradar’s new Remote Game Server (RGS), launched beginning of this year.

Furthermore, NextUp: Soccer - a new football live betting game based on the concept of predicting the next match incident in a live soccer match - was also launched with this product update. Up to 30 spins and pay-outs per soccer match with betting markets continuously open throughout the match allow NextUp: Soccer to be the exciting second-screen betting solution punters have been waiting for.

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Sportradar signs Data Partnership with the Slovak League Clubs Union

Sportradar is pleased to announce the new data partnership with the Slovak League Clubs Union (ÚLK). Sportradar has signed a multi-year deal with ÚLK and its exclusive marketing representative UFA Sports Slovakia to become the Official Data Partner of the two top level leagues in Slovak club football. Sportradar thereby acquired the worldwide and exclusive right to collect, archive and distribute sports data of the premier division (Fortuna liga) and second-level division (DOXXbet 2. liga) and distribute such sports data as “Official Data” to the media and betting industry.

ÚLK is the governing body of the two highest professional football leagues in Slovakia and is responsible for the organisation and marketing of the Fortuna liga and DOXXbet 2. liga. Slovak football has been creating its own modern history ever since Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993. ÚLK was founded in 2009 as an association of legal entities and constitutes an autonomous organisation of football clubs, with its own legal personality and organisational structure. Furthermore, it is a regular member organisation of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ), the largest organisation in Slovakia with more than 400,000 members.

ÚLK partners up with Sportradar because of the experience as a leading sports data service provider. As the Official Data Partner to many federations, Sportradar understands the needs of sports federations to provide sophisticated solutions for data collection and distribution. ÚLK and Sportradar will jointly implement an advanced data collection system for all matches of the Fortuna liga and DOXXbet 2. liga. The supply of Official Data will further support integrity measures by creating a framework for more extensive information exchange and cooperation with the legal gambling industry.

Sportradar CEO, Carsten Koerl said, “We are very pleased to cooperate with ÚLK as the official governing body of the premier division of Slovak football. The Slovakians had many outstanding personalities who stamped their name on Czechoslovakia’s football story and assisted the nation in achieving glory. Today, Slovakia is a rising football nation developing with steady footsteps. Our market leading betting and sports data services will help to engage fans of Slovak football in new ways and across all platforms.”

ÚLK President, Dušan Tittel said, “As an established market leader in the field of sports data services, Sportradar will be an excellent partner for ÚLK and we are looking forward to working with them. Together we will enable all fans of Slovak football to be able to utilise the full breadth and depth of the content offered. This partnership opens up some really interesting opportunities.”


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