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Betradar launches its new Managed Trading Services

Betradar is proud to announce the launch of its new trading service for sportsbook operators. Managed Trading Services enables bookmakers to streamline processes and to increase their competitiveness by outsourcing labour intensive trading operations to Betradar’s industry proven trading expertise. From providing the fixtures to compiling the odds, monitoring the liabilities to finally settle the bets, Managed Trading Services completely administrates all betting operations in a fast and cost-effective manner.

At the heart of this process, Betradar can control the bookmaker’s risk and liability management either partially or completely, providing clients with the largest sports betting offering for both pre-match and live betting operations. In doing so, Betradar gathers all essential data needed for a successful risk management, including market, odds and liability monitoring, customer categorisation and trading analysis. Supported by in-house developed live trading tools and using specially designed liquidity trading algorithms, the Betradar system immediately weighs all risks and recommends whether a bet should be accepted or not. The entire service relies on end-to-end automation of all processes, which in turn guarantees maximum security and efficiency for all sports betting operations.

Furthermore, bookmakers benefit from Betradar’s comprehensive sports betting offering, which incorporates over 240,000 pre-match events across 40 sports per year, as well as up to 15,000 live events per month across 17 sports.

Serving multi-distribution channels, Betradar’s Managed Trading Services is fully customisable to all types and sizes of sports betting businesses, from large online sportsbooks to retail betting businesses and small kiosk systems.

“The launch of Managed Trading Services represents a key milestone in the execution of our strategy of becoming a one-stop service provider for the sports betting industry” says Erik Lorenz, Sportradar Managing Director Sales. “Using this new service, our clients can now focus on their core businesses, knowing that Betradar will manage their sports betting operations in a fast, reliable and turnover-generating manner. This, in combination with our flexible and performance based price models, allows our clients to minimise their financial risks, whilst increasing their revenue and profitability.

For more information about Betradar’s new Managed Trading Services click here.

Indonesia looks to safeguard integrity with Sportradar

The Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) underlined its commitment to protecting the integrity of the country’s key football competitions by signing an agreement with Sportradar. Under the agreement, Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS) will provide the PSSI with unrivalled intelligence about global betting on the Indonesia Super League and various other competitions until the end of 2016.

Sportradar’s FDS, which recently received an ISO certificate of quality, will be used to monitor betting behaviour and patterns for the remaining 290 matches of the 2014 season, including the 2014 ISL season and Divisi Utama. Then, the system will cover all 1,538 matches in both the 2015 and 2016 ISL, Inter-Island Cup and Divisi Utama. The PSSI are also in discussions to start using the company’s Fraud Prevention Services (FPS) to help educate those involved in Indonesian football about the dangers of match-fixing.

Managing Director Strategy and Integrity Andreas Krannich, who signed the agreement on behalf of Sportradar said: “Monitoring over 1,800 matches for the Football Association of Indonesia is a responsibility that we take very seriously. The PSSI have not only put their faith in us and our Fraud Detection System, but they have done so for the long term. This is a great honour and we will work tirelessly in partnership with the PSSI to ensure that full and fair competition prevails across Indonesia”.

Joko Driyono, General Secretary of PSSI added: “We understand that approximately US$65million (IDR750,000,000,000) is bet on the ISL alone every season. This is a staggering figure. We cannot afford for even $1 of that to be placed on a manipulated outcome. We at the PSSI are absolutely committed to ensuring that football in Indonesia is exciting for players, attractive for sponsors and broadcasters and exhilarating for fans. Credibility and integrity is key to all of that and that is why we have brought Sportradar on board as our partners. There simply is no better system out there to highlight and explain suspicious betting behaviours around sporting events and we look forward to working closely with them over the next two and half years”.

About Football Association of Indonesia
The Football Association of Indonesia, or Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia, is the recognised national governing body for football in Indonesia. It joined FIFA in 1952 and the AFC in 1954. The PSSI is responsible for five levels of national football leagues, as well as other football competitions on a national level, including youth, women’s and futsal leagues. It also looks after all of Indonesia’s national teams, all the way down to the U15 team. This year’s Indonesia Super League (ISL) season is its sixth, and its first since the incorporation of the Indonesia Premier League into the Indonesia Super League. More>>

Sportradar to monitor the Toyota Thai Premier League 2014 Season

Today, Sportradar signed an agreement with the Thai Premier League Company Limited under which Sportradar will employ its Fraud Detection System (FDS) to monitor betting activity related to the Toyota Thai Premier League 2014 season.

The agreement builds on Sportradar’s existing partnerships in the region with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and Football Federation Australia (FFA), and under it Sportradar will scrutinise betting behaviour and patterns for all 380 games of the season, including those games that were completed earlier in the year.

Speaking about the partnership, Sportradar’s Managing Director Strategy and Integrity Andreas Krannich said: “Thailand has been recognised by the AFC as a Tier One League, commercially and professionally speaking. It is encouraging that with this maturity comes a recognition of the importance of integrity. The Toyota Thai Premier League is taking the front foot to ensure that its competition can be trusted and enjoyed by fans. We are delighted that they in turn have trusted us to support their commitment and we look forward to working with them this year”.

At the signing ceremony, President of the Toyota Thai Premier League Ong-Arj Kosinkar added: “The integrity of the Toyota Thai Premier League and its matches is paramount. We will not compromise on this. As we grow the popularity of this competition, it is important that we remain vigilant to dangers. This is why we immediately looked to Sportradar. Their Fraud Detection System is trusted by federations, leagues and sports around the world and their support and expertise will bolster our defences. Sportradar will give us the inside track and that is invaluable as our league goes from strength to strength”

About Toyota Thai Premier League
The Toyota Thai Premier League is Thailand’s elite professional football competition contested by 20 clubs. It is currently ranked as the #1 league in the South East Asia (ASEAN) region based on the AFC’s latest inspection. Seasons run from March to November, with teams playing 38 games each, totalling 380 games per season. More>>

Built for Betting - Betradar serves Virtual Tennis for sports betting operators

Betradar is proud to announce the launch of its latest virtual sports betting solution – Virtual Tennis. This new solution expands Betradar’s market-leading portfolio of virtual sports betting with an incredibly realistic and revenue-driving product full of bet-stimulating features.

Virtual Tennis is based around a 16-player virtual tournament where punters can place bets continuously, including multiples on all of the most popular tennis betting markets. New bet cycles start every 3 and a half minutes with up to 8 matches played in parallel, offering betting opportunities faster than the real sport itself.

Based on detailed analysis of official tennis data, Virtual Tennis offers exceptional levels of realism. From the distribution of player skills to the frequency of aces the players serve, everything has been inspired by the game of tennis itself. Combined with real-tennis betting markets, punters will enjoy an unparalleled virtual sports betting solution.

Virtual Tennis is the next addition to our market-leading virtual sports betting portfolio. The products attracts multiple target groups – passion, skill, system, big wins and entertainment punters all combined in a product built for betting. We are convinced, that our solution will generate higher revenues than any other virtual tennis product in the market”, says Managing Director Sales, Erik Lorenz.

Betradar’s virtual sport betting solutions are available for retail, online and mobile. The product is fully customisable and can be adapted in a number of ways to match a bookmaker’s existing sports betting offers. A trouble-free integration via XML feed or Betradar’s Remote Game Server enables customers to go live in a matter of weeks.

For more information about Virtual Tennis please click here
For more information about Betradar's Virtual Sports Betting products please click here.

Betradar launches Online and Mobile Live Streaming Solution

Betradar is proud to announce the launch of its new live streaming solution for global online and mobile sportsbooks. The launch is an extension of the existing Live Channel for land based operations which was successfully released last year. The service currently offers a broad portfolio of over 5,000 international sporting events. However, this figure is expected to increase in due course.

With the release of the Live Channel Online, Betradar fulfils a key milestone in the execution of being the world-leading one-stop-shop provider for the sports betting industry. The new product extends the existing portfolio of trading, gaming and front-end visualisation services with an entertaining and revenue-driving streaming solution. The combination of the live stream with Betradar’s range of live data visualisation widgets, plus its fast-paced in-play games, such as Soccer Roulette and In-Play Minigames, provides punters a new level of live entertainment.

The flexible packaging and pricing structure makes live streaming an affordable and business driving product for any online bookmaker. Operators can easily select the live events of their choice and have full cost-control. No trading resources are required, since Betradar’s market-leading Live Odds service is available for all live streaming matches.

The online and mobile version of the Live Channel is provided via Betradar’s in-house developed Live Player. The fully hosted player allows a seamless and fast integration process for bookmakers within hours. Simultaneous broadcasts of parallel matches with a minimum latency are assured thanks to world-class technology.

Managing Director Erik Lorenz comments: “Live streaming remains a key entertainment factor and our goal is to set new standards with the Live Channel. The enrichment of live streams with Betradar’s betting stimulating live data and gaming solutions provides a completely unique level of customer entertainment to punters. We are convinced that we will enable bookmakers to strengthen their offer significantly with our portfolio.”

Betradar’s Live Channel Online has experienced great market response even before the official release as ten clients have by now signed up within the first month. Leading sportsbooks such as Bet365 as well as the Eastern European operators Favbet and Parimatch have already launched live streaming successfully on their websites.

For more information about Betradar's Live Channel solutions click here.


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